#fairnessfriday is your chance to spread the Finding Fair movement. Make a pledge, start a discussion, or highlight fairness you’ve seen in an unexpected place.  Wherever you are you can create a dialog for change!

Equal distance does not mean equal ground

#FairnessFriday It's amazing to think of all the women who have made it past all the hurdles.

#fairnessfriday Jan. 20, 2017

It's not FAIR

#fairnessfriday Jan. 13, 2017

Engage Everyone!

Why change takes so long...

#fairnessfriday Jan. 6, 2017

Know yourself to help others

#FairnessFriday Countering bias to make things fairer! A great example of small changes having huge impacts.

#fairnessfriday Dec 23 2016

Fair is better than equal!

How are you finding fair?

#fairnessfriday Dec. 9,2016

We can all take a stand for fairness

In memory of the epic day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus because it wasn't fair.

#fairnessfriday Dec 2, 2016

A fun look at the moral behavior of animals

It's not just humans who want things to be fair.

#fairnessfriday Nov. 27,2016

A Pep Talk for the World

Lets build the cool table!

#fairnessfriday Nov. 18, 2016

Japanese men get pregnant

"In Japan, women supposedly do five times as much housework as men do. "

#fairnessfriday Nov. 4,2016

Icelandic Women Strike for Equal Pay

"In eleven years, less than three minutes has been gained annually towards eliminating the gender pay gap...If progress continues at the same rate, it will take 52 years to eliminate the disparity between men and women's earnings in Iceland entirely."

#fairnessfriday Oct. 28, 2016