Simple questions, complex answers

What answers will you find from asking the right questions?


As humans we have an innate desire for things to be fair.

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The feeling of unfairness has sparked revolts, riots, and revolutions in countless countries throughout history.

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Setting a clear path of how to achieve fairness and what investments need to be made.

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Finding Fair Framework

Finding Fair has three simple questions with not so simple answers. These questions are designed to help define the problem and identify the affected parties, develop changes to address the issue, and measure the changes against the problem to check for efficacy.  Most issues have many possible solutions and complex issues have complex solutions.  This framework helps think about the problem from multiple angles to come up with a viable solution.



Fairness, equality, justice…we all want it so why hasn’t it happened?  How is it that in this modern world we still have widespread poverty, violence, and prejudice? Learn more at TEDx TUJ on November 26th.